Effective Marketing Training for small and independent businesses...

As every business owner knows, getting more customers and clients is essential to making a business a success or taking it to the next level.

You have an excellent understanding of your industry or sector and deliver quality products and premium services.

You’re working hard and adding value and benefits to your products and services.

But why is it that it that your business does not attract the steady stream of clients you need? Why is it that your competitors who deliver an inferior service or product do better than they should?

That’s down to effective marketing.

Irrespective of the quality of your products and services, unless you can get to grips with marketing, your business will not do as well as you want it to.

The chances are that you have never received structured and effective marketing training that has been designed to get more customers consistently for smaller businesses, just like yours.

That’s where the How To Marketing masterclasses will help you. You can choose from a menu of marketing essential topics that every business owner needs to know.

So that you can get more customers, more sales and increased earnings, each How To Marketing session is affordable and packed with practical ideas, strategies, examples and information designed to increase your marketing skills & knowledge.

You will learn tried, tested and straightforward marketing strategies and proven practical hands-on tools and techniques (not text book theory) that you need to know about marketing a business successfully today, and importantly that you can use immediately when you get back to your office.

They are delivered by selected, hands-on experienced marketing experts in their field, many are business owners themselves and understand the impact that effective marketing can make to your business.


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