Who are the how to marketing masterclasses designed for? – Read more...

Those that benefit most from the how to masterclasses are people who realise that their marketing needs to improve so their business and income increases

They are ideal for someone:

  • Who is already running a successful business, but is looking for a more structured approach to marketing and attracting more clients & customers to get to the next level
  • Who has been in business for a while and is disappointed that they have not done as well as they should have
  • Who is starting up or is thinking about starting a business. People that want a fast-track start and don’t want to waste time, money and effort trying to work it out on their own. They want a proven marketing strategies and ideas that delivers more business
  • Who is unsure where to start and has never been taught how to effectively market their business to build a client base
  • Who is interested in effective marketing strategies that focuses on boosting their customer base

They are great value for one person business owners, micro and medium-sized independent business owners and marketing professionals looking for a refresher or to learn new skills across all kinds of business and market sectors.

I know I need this marketing training but can I afford it? – Read more...

Investing in a masterclass is very affordable. It’s a business decision that needs to be based on the value you get from it and the improvements in the results you will get from your marketing efforts.

Think of it this way, no matter how good your products and services are, without an understanding of marketing and how to apply it to attract more customers and clients, it’s unlikely your business will grow to the level you want.

What is a new customer worth to you every month? What kind of revenue would that one new customer generate for your business? That’s the purpose of your investment.

Many attendees feedback that the masterclasses have helped them build their confidence and skills and they were able to see a return on their investment very quickly. Clearly that varies from person to person and business to business.

The alternative is that you may take many months (even years) to finally get the business you want. The knowledge, skills and how to information that you will learn from the masterclasses is an affordable shortcut.

Why can’t I do this on my own without investing in the Masterclass? – Read more...

You are actually in two business – the delivery of great value products and services and the marketing of those products and services.

It’s a fact of life is that without effective marketing you are seriously limiting the growth and success of your business and the chances are you have never had the opportunity to learn how to market a small business that does not have a small fortune to spend.

Each master class will cover a must know marketing topic that will help you get more customers and grow your customer base. It will cut right to the chase – no fluff, no nonsense just hands on strategies and information that you can apply immediately.

Could you work it out on your own? Maybe be but it will take so much time and effort that it is unlikely to happen. The masterclass will save you all those wasted hours of trying to work it out for yourself.

I’m interested but I don’t have time? –

There is never a perfect time to do anything. You will always have things to do. You’ll always be busy and life will always get in the way.

That just about sums up most business owners’ working life.

The How To Masterclasses are designed for busy people and recognise that taking time out of their business is not taken lightly. The content is relevant, specific, structured and straightforward to implement.

One of the traits of successful people is that they take action. They have a no-excuses approach.

If you want to market your business in a better, more effective way don’t delay. Make a commitment to the way you market and attract clients; don’t procrastinate.

If you wait until that ideal time arrives it will never happen.

Places are filled on a first come first served basis so don’t miss out.


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